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    When people get sick, they can usually rely on their doctors and medical teams to treat them. Physicians today have access to medical advancements that can make a huge difference in their patients’ recoveries. Unfortunately, healthcare workers sometimes make mistakes, which can lead to devastating health consequences for their patients.

    If you believe that a medical error made you or your loved one sicker, reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney for help. A Jackson medical malpractice lawyer at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC could investigate your injury and explain your legal options during an initial consultation.

    What Constitutes Malpractice in Jackson?

    If a medical mistake causes a patient to sustain an injury or illness, that patient might be eligible to sue the hospital, doctor, nurse, or another medical worker. However, they would only have legal grounds to sue if the healthcare practitioner acted negligently.

    Malpractice happens when a person suffers an injury or dies because a medical worker’s treatment of a patient’s condition, or their lack of treatment, falls below the usual standard of treatment and care for that particular condition. Not every medical worker is held to the same standard. Instead, courts look at other medical workers with similar backgrounds and training. For instance, a court would expect a high-risk pregnancy obstetrician to recognize the symptoms of pre-eclampsia, which is a relatively common gestational condition. On the other hand, a court would not expect a medical technician to identify and diagnose that condition.

    A seasoned Jackson attorney could meet with an injured patient and their families to explain the legalities of a medical malpractice claim.

    Common Examples of Malpractice in Jackson

    Although any type of negligent or reckless medical mistake that leads to an injury or illness could amount to malpractice, most commonly, malpractice occurs in the following forms:

    • Delayed diagnosis – A late diagnosis can often lead to worsening symptoms and sometimes prevent a patient from receiving timely access to possibly life-saving treatments
    • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis – When a physician fails to recognize a patient’s medical condition, the patient cannot receive the immediate medical treatments that they need
    • Surgical mistakes, such as operating on the wrong body part, leaving a sponge inside a body, or puncturing an artery
    • Negligent prenatal care
    • Birth injuries
    • Failure to warn a patient about possible risks of surgery before an operation

    Our team of qualified medical malpractice lawyers in Jackson have experience helping survivors of many types of medical errors. If a medical worker’s mistake leads to death, our compassionate legal professionals could help the victim’s surviving family members pursue justice to compensate for their unfortunate loss.

    Speak With a Jackson Medical Malpractice Attorney Today

    When choosing a legal team to assist with a malpractice claim, it is critical to choose a firm that has experience with similar cases. The knowledgeable team of attorneys at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC understands the medical field. They can assist with deciphering complicated medical documents and connect with local medical experts to provide testimony. They also know how defense attorneys work in malpractice cases, and can often anticipate their defense strategies.

    A Jackson medical malpractice lawyer could make a huge difference for you and your family. Call today to get started on your claim.

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