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    A large majority of individuals enjoy bike riding as a form of exercise, transportation, and recreation. Unfortunately, cyclists are at risk of serious harm in the event of a collision with a motor vehicle. Due to the substantial size and weight difference between the two, a bicyclist could face catastrophic or even deadly injuries.

    Fortunately, state law allows you to seek financial restitution from the party that caused you harm. Our seasoned attorneys at the Reaves Law Firm could provide essential guidance to help you recover the compensation you are owed. Do not hesitate to speak to a Memphis bicycle accident lawyer after a collision on your bike.

    Common Causes of Bike Wrecks

    Collisions between motorists and bicyclists are the most common type of bike accident, and cyclists often sustain critical injuries. There are numerous reasons a vehicle driver may strike someone on a bike, including:

    • Following too close
    • Failing to yield or check blind spots
    • Inclement weather
    • Speeding
    • Driving under the influence
    • Reckless or distracted driving

    Bicycle accidents can also be caused by poor roadways or defective bike parts. A well-practiced Memphis attorney could investigate the cause of the bike crash and help the injured cyclist seek fair compensation from the responsible party.

    Available Compensation for an Injured Cyclist

    Passenger vehicle drivers must drive their cars safely and obey all safety and traffic rules. If a driver injures a bicyclist because they failed to follow safety laws, a court of law could hold them liable for the damages. If a court does find a negligent driver responsible for injuries, they could owe the injured cyclist lost income, medical bills, reduced earning capacity, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

    It is always best for the injured bicyclist to contact a well-practiced lawyer in Memphis to help navigate the complex legal process. Not only could legal representation help with the legal aspects of the case, but they could also help negotiate with insurance companies on their claimant’s behalf.

    Statute of Limitations in Memphis

    Under Tennessee Code § 28-3-104 the time to file a legal action for a personal injury lawsuit in this state is one year from the date of the bicycle accident in most cases. This time limit applies to any lawsuits a person files with the court for negligence.

    In most cases, if the individual seeking damages does not file their lawsuit within the timeframe, the court will dismiss the action. However, if the injured cyclist is a minor, the court could grant them an exception and allow them to wait until their 18th birthday to file the court action.

    Contact a Memphis Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

    Bicycle accidents can be catastrophic and result in physical, mental, and financial burdens. The substantial medical bills will quickly add up, and if you are missing time from work, all of this can soon lead to a highly stressful situation.

    If a negligent party is responsible for the injuries you suffered, pursuing a personal injury claim to hold the driver accountable may be the best option for you. Call the Reaves Law Firm today to schedule a consultation with a Memphis bicycle accident lawyer.

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