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    In an instant, a serious personal injury can completely change your life. Instead of participating in your favorite daily activities, you may have to spend time at doctors’ appointments and physical therapy. Depending on how your injury occurred, you might need to seek treatment for post-traumatic stress, anger, anxiety, or depression. If your injury stops you from working, you could also have serious financial concerns.

    If someone else’s negligence caused your suffering, a dedicated attorney at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC could help you seek compensation for your losses. A Jackson personal injury lawyer could investigate the specifics of your case and gather evidence to hold the responsible party accountable.

    How Jackson Personal Injury Claims Work

    Whenever one person does something that causes harm to another person, the injured party might have grounds to file a personal injury claim. Claimants can file lawsuits when defendants act carelessly, negligently, recklessly, or intentionally.

    Most cases involving personal injuries address instances where a defendant’s negligent actions led to a claimant’s injuries. To win a negligence claim, a claimant must prove the four elements of legal negligence:

    Duty of Care

    A claimant first needs to prove that the defendant owed the claimant a duty of reasonable care. The duty of care does not have to be specific to that particular claimant. For instance, a motorist owes a duty of care to every other person that they share the roads with.

    Breach of Duty

    An injured person would then need to show how the defendant breached their duty. A driver who speeds through a red light or fails to yield the right of way breaches their duty of care.


    A plaintiff in a suit would then need to show that the negligent party’s breach led to their injury. Basically, a plaintiff must demonstrate that their injury could have been avoided. The plaintiff would not have suffered the injury if the negligent party had acted reasonably. For example, when the other driver sped through a red light, they hit the plaintiff crossing the road and caused them to suffer injuries.


    An injured claimant needs to prove that they suffered actual losses because of the defendant’s negligent actions. Examples of actual damages could include:

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Loss of future earnings
    • Property repairs to a damaged car
    • Modifications to a home to make it more handicapped accessible
    • Nursing care
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental anguish

    A seasoned Jackson injury attorney has extensive experience helping survivors of serious physical harm and personal damages present strong claims for compensation.

    Types of Incidents Leading to Personal Injury Claims in Jackson

    Our skilled team of legal professionals has had success helping with a broad range of claims throughout Jackson, including:

    Our committed legal team could work aggressively and diligently to determine how an injury occurred. Our determined injury lawyers in Jackson could also comb through the evidence to identify who is responsible. If the evidence indicates that more than one person or company played a role, our attorneys could help an injured claimant bring suit against all of the potentially liable parties in order to give a claimant the best chance of a fair recovery award.

    Call a Jackson Personal Injury Attorney Today

    Serious accidents can leave you overwhelmed. You probably do not know where to turn. Fortunately, a Jackson personal injury lawyer at our office is ready to assist you.

    While we cannot turn back the clock to prevent your injury, we could help you move forward by helping you pursue comprehensive compensation that could help you pay your bills and ease your financial challenges. Meet with the legal team at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC today to discuss your case.

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