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    Almost everyone will be involved in at least one motor vehicle wreck in their lifetime. Luckily, most people are able to walk away from these crashes without serious injuries. They might have a few bumps, scrapes, and bruises, but for the most part, they are okay. However, some people in auto collisions are not as fortunate and face devastating consequences.

    If you or your loved one suffered harm in a car crash, you may benefit from a consultation with a Jackson car accident lawyer. A dedicated injury attorney at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC could investigate to determine if you have the legal grounds necessary to file a personal injury claim for monetary damages.

    How Much is a Jackson Car Crash Claim Worth?

    A civil lawsuit aims to restore an injured person to the condition they were in before a motor vehicle collision. Essentially, a claim is supposed to help an injured individual feel whole again. Consequently, a person can pursue financial recovery for all damages caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

    Economic or Special Damages

    Mississippi courts allow injured individuals to seek recovery of their economic damages. Economic damages are quantifiable losses, which means that a person can generally prove these losses with receipts, pay stubs, and bills. Economic damages may include, but are not limited to:

    • Doctors’ bills
    • Ambulance fees
    • Hospital expense
    • Future necessary medical treatments, physical therapy, etc.

    Economic damages help catastrophic injury victims pay for medical care and put their lives back together. They also cover costs to repair or replace any personal property or vehicle damaged in the crash. If a person needs to take time off from work while they recuperate, they can seek recovery of their lost wages and future lost earnings.

    Non-Economic or General Damages

    Mississippi courts also allow claimants to pursue non-economic damages, though these types of legal damages are harder to quantify. They include:

    • Disfigurement
    • Mental anguish
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of consortium
    • Loss of enjoyment of life

    Caps and limits do apply in these cases. An injured individual can only pursue up to $1 million in non-economic damages in most situations.

    Punitive Damages

    In rare instances, Mississippi courts also award punitive damages to punish the negligent party and deter similar behavior in the future.

    A knowledgeable Jackson car wreck attorney could help a person evaluate the full scope of their injuries in order to pursue comprehensive recovery.

    Shared Blame Situations in Jackson Motor Vehicle Wrecks

    Not all car crashes are clear-cut. Often, more than one motorist does something wrong that contributes to the collision. For instance, a claimant could pursue a legal claim against a defendant who hit them while driving drunk. However, the defendant’s attorney might retort that the claimant played a role in the crash because they were driving 20 miles over the speed limit at the time of the accident.

    In that situation, a Mississippi court could assign blame to each party. Mississippi operates with a pure comparative fault system, which means that a claimant could pursue damages even if they were partially responsible. If they prevail, the claimant would receive a damages award minus their percentage of fault.

    For more guidance, reach out to a Jackson car accident attorney as soon as possible. Our qualified legal team could explain how shared fault might apply to a specific claimant’s situation.

    Reach Out to a Jackson Car Accident Attorney Now

    Automobile crashes can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You likely have a lot of worries and questions. A Jackson car accident lawyer could help you work through all of your concerns and clear up any uncertainties and confusion.

    Additionally, a strong legal team could investigate your accident to uncover what really happened and reveal who is to blame. Our seasoned attorneys could work diligently and tirelessly on your behalf to build a strong case for compensation. Meet with the loyal team of legal professionals at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC today.

    How Can We Help You?

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