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    As a parent, you know your most important responsibility is protecting your children. You try to shield them from participating in activities or going to places that could cause them harm. You try your hardest to buy the safest products for them so that they are surrounded by toys, car seats, and other products that will not hurt them. You probably also researched their babysitters and daycare providers to ensure they can safely care for your child.

    But what happens when something goes wrong, and your child suffers a severe injury? A Jackson child injury lawyer at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC knows how terrifying childhood injuries can be for families. Our experienced personal injury attorneys could help you pursue a legal claim against the parties responsible for harming your child.

    Common Causes of Childhood Injuries

    Injuries send countless children to emergency rooms in Jackson and around the country every year. Sadly, many of these injuries are needless and could have been prevented if the people involved had acted responsibly and kept in mind the safety of other people, including children.

    Children frequently suffer harm in the following situations:

    • Dog bites
    • Drowning
    • Slip and falls
    • Sports accidents
    • Motor vehicle crashes
    • Medical malpractice
    • Use of dangerous products
    • Daycare and school accidents
    • Poisoning due to ingestion of toxic substances, such as household cleaning chemicals
    • Fire – Sadly, young children do not recognize the danger of fire, so burns and smoke inhalation pose serious risks for children
    • Playground accidents– Children need proper supervision at all times on playgrounds. Poorly maintained playground equipment and unsafe landing surfaces can lead to serious injuries even with adequate supervision

    A skilled Jackson attorney could investigate an accident that led to a child’s injury to uncover how it happened. They could carefully examine all relevant evidence and interview witnesses to pinpoint the cause and identify the responsible parties.

    Recoverable Damages in a Jackson Child Injury Case

    An injury to a child can transform the lives of an entire family. Most child injuries, such as simple fractures or cuts, heal with medical treatment and time. However, some injuries result in life-altering harm.

    Because children are constantly growing, some injuries can affect their development. For instance, a fall or a blow to the head that results in a brain injury could cause cognitive effects, which could affect a child’s ability to learn new skills. Similarly, a dog bite could result in disfiguring, permanent facial scars. In addition, a broken bone in a child’s growth plate could affect their future mobility and bone development.

    Our skilled legal team could help a family assess their current and future needs and pursue a civil claim against those responsible for the harm. A knowledgeable child injury lawyer in Jackson could support a family by seeking financial recovery for their immediate and future medical bills, caretaker expenses, and emotional damages. If a child dies from their injuries, a compassionate attorney from our firm could help a family seek justice for their unfortunate loss in a wrongful death claim.

    A Jackson Child Injury Attorney Seeks Justice for Your Family

    Sadly, due to their precocious natures, children are more prone to suffering injuries than grown adults. These injuries can occur anywhere, including at home, school, in the park, in a car, or at a friend’s house. When injuries happen because someone fails to exercise reasonable care, the injured child and their family can seek compensation for their losses through civil litigation.

    Contact a Jackson child injury lawyer at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC today to learn more about pursuing a legal claim on behalf of your injured child.

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