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    As consumers, we expect the products we buy for our families or for our own personal use to be safe. People should not have to worry about dangerous consequences when using an everyday product around their homes or at work. However, products that people rely on can sometimes cause serious injuries.

    If a faulty product hurt you or your loved one, you might be able to pursue justice and recover for any of your losses in a personal injury claim. A Jackson defective products lawyer could fight for you in court and help guide you through the complex legal process. Reach out to a skilled injury attorney at the Reaves Law Firm, PLLC to get started.

    Types of Product Defects

    Cases involving faulty products commonly involve design, manufacturing, or marketing defects.

    Design Defects

    Products with design defects have inherent problems because their original design was unreasonably dangerous. All products made according to a faulty design would have the same flaws even if the manufacturer used safe practices and materials. A toaster that melts when turned to a high temperature would be an example of a product with a design defect.

    Manufacturing Defects

    A manufacturing defect occurs when someone makes a mistake while producing a product or a group of products. The original product design is safe, but somebody deviated from the design during production and made an error. Sometimes, manufacturers try to cut corners from the initial design during the manufacturing process by using cheaper materials. Other times, manufacturers simply assemble the product incorrectly.

    Marketing Defects

    Marketing defects occur when a manufacturer fails to warn consumers about the possible dangers of their product. Manufacturers must include adequate operating instructions and warning labels.

    The dedicated team of product liability attorneys at the Reaves Law Firm, PLLC has had success with all types of product defect lawsuits in Jackson. They know how to gather and secure the necessary evidence to help prove claims.

    How Much Could a Legal Claim be Worth?

    Not every lawsuit produces the same result. The best way to determine how much a claimant could potentially obtain in damages is to meet with an experienced legal professional. A seasoned attorney could review the facts of a claim and help a claimant pursue a damages award that fairly represents the value of what their injury has cost them.

    A knowledgeable Jackson unsafe goods attorney could take into account the severity of a claimant’s injuries from a specific product. They could meet with industry and medical experts to estimate how much the injuries will affect the claimant’s future quality of life, their long-term physical and mental wellbeing, and their ability to earn a living.

    A proactive lawyer in Jackson could also consider the type of defective product and how the defect occurred. They could see whether the claimant did something to contribute to their injuries. For example, did the claimant misuse the product in a manner that a reasonable person would not have done? Fortunately, even if the claimant did misuse the product, Mississippi courts would not entirely bar their recovery of damages. Under the contributory negligence rule, a Mississippi court would assign a percentage of fault to each party who contributed to the accident, meaning that the court could assign a percentage to the consumer who misused the product and another percentage to the manufacturer who produced a defective product. The court could then reduce the claimant’s damages by their share of the blame.

    Contact a Jackson Defective Products Attorney Today

    Lawsuits involving faulty products are almost always complicated. To succeed, you need to work with a legal team that understands how products are made.

    A Jackson defective products lawyer knows how to review and interpret production manuals and testing protocols. They are not afraid to fight for the rights of injured consumers like you. They have the skills and the resources to stand up to large manufacturing companies. Begin working on your claim with the qualified legal team at the Reaves Law Firm, PLLC by calling today.

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