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    Visiting other people’s homes or places of business should not be dangerous. There should not be risk involved in going to your corner market to pick up a copy of your local newspaper, just as you should not have to fear for your wellbeing when you go to your neighbors for a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, accidents frequently occur on both private and public property.

    If you recently suffered an injury while away from your home, you might be eligible to pursue compensation for your losses through civil litigation. A seasoned Jackson premises liability lawyer at the Reaves Law Firm, PLLC could review the circumstances of your injury to determine if you have a right to pursue legal action. If so, a skilled injury attorney could fight to hold the negligent party who caused your damages accountable for the full extent of your losses.

    Premises Liability and Duty of Care

    People in charge of a premises must take the steps necessary to maintain their property and ensure it is reasonably safe for visitors. Essentially, property owners, landlords, business owners, managers, and caretakers need to regularly inspect their premises for any potential hazards. If they identify a potential danger, they need to repair it in a timely fashion. For instance, if a property owner becomes aware that their landscaping company has left a gaping hole in the middle of their backyard, that property owner needs to fill in the gap as quickly as possible before a neighbor trips and falls and breaks their ankle. If the property owner does not have the time or the ability to repair the problem immediately, they need to warn their guests about the risk. For example, a grocery store might escape legal liability for a customer’s fall if the grocery store had put up a sign warning customers about the wet floors.

    When people visit a place for either business or recreational purposes, they should be able to expect that the property will be reasonably safe. Mississippi premises liability law holds property owners and other people in control of a premises liable for any injuries resulting from a hazardous condition on their properties. Landowners and managers have a legal duty to protect the safety and welfare of visitors. The extent of a property owner’s duty of care varies depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the accident and the type of visitor that suffers the injury. A knowledgeable Jackson premises liability attorney could review the details of a specific case and explain what type of duty the landowner owed an injury party.

    Dangerous Conditions That Frequently Lead to Injuries in Jackson

    Some of the hazardous conditions that commonly result in serious injuries in Jackson include:

    • Icy or slippery sidewalks, walkways, or entryways
    • Unsecured swimming pools
    • Poor lighting, particularly on stairways or in parking lots
    • Inadequate security, which could allow a trespasser to gain entry onto a property and injure a resident or a visitor
    • Wet floors
    • Dog bites or other domestic animal attacks
    • Malfunctioning elevators or escalators
    • Broken steps or missing or damaged handrails

    The dedicated team of legal professionals at our firm in Jackson has had success with a wide range of premises liability accidents. They know how to locate and secure evidence to build a strong legal claim against a negligent property owner.

    Meet with a Jackson Premises Liability Attorney Today

    Accidents occurring at other people’s homes or businesses are frequently complicated. Sometimes, more than one party is legally to blame. Often, insurers fight to deny liability or offer unreasonably low settlement proposals. If you find yourself in this situation, you need the assistance of an experienced Jackson premises liability lawyer.

    A well-respected attorney at the Reaves Law Firm, PLLC could meet with you to learn more about your case. They could work with you to develop a unique strategy that gives you the best chance of obtaining comprehensive financial recovery. Call today to schedule a meeting.

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