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    One of the most terrifying motor vehicle wrecks you can be involved in is a rollover. This happens when your car’s forward motion is interrupted. A reckless driver can cut you off and force you off the road, or debris from a truck bed can fly into your path. Your car might be designed poorly, increasing the probability of this happening to you. If an accident like this happens, you may be frantic about what to do next.

    After your medical condition is stable, call us. We thoroughly investigate crashes to identify responsible parties using police reports, witness testimony, cell phone stills and videos, medical reports, surveillance camera videos, and more. The dedicated auto collision attorneys at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC aim to see that you are adequately compensated after a rollover car accident in Jackson.

    Survival Tips During a Rollover Accident

    Drivers nudged off the road who feel their car begin to roll should take specific actions to help them survive. Vehicles with higher centers of gravity roll more often than those with low ones, so be careful when driving an SUV or minivan.

    Drivers who begin to roll should:

    • Grasp the wheel and turn it toward the direction the car is beginning to roll
    • Cross arms in front of the body and grasp the opposite shoulders to support the head area while the car is rolling
    • When the car stops rolling, turn off the ignition
    • If the car lands on the hood, plant feet on what is now the ceiling to unbuckle the seatbelt
    • Be careful of broken glass and exit through the door or a broken window
    • Call 911

    Mississippi law requires all drivers involved in an accident to stay put until the police permit them to leave. Failure to remain at an accident scene could mean the loss of a driver’s license and possible jail time. Exchange contact information and, if able, take cell phone pictures and notes to remember details. Never admit guilt or apologize until a seasoned Jackson personal injury attorney is consulted about a rollover auto accident.


    Society is based on the premise that everyone must act like reasonable people would in similar situations. This is especially true for motor vehicle drivers, who must consider the safety of all others on the road. When they break the laws and someone is injured because of substandard behavior, negligence is established.

    Proving negligence allows an injured person to collect monetary damages from the person who caused the crash. The financial award is meant to compensate the victim for losses incurred by paying medical bills and being unable to work, as well as subjective losses, such as pain and suffering.

    At-Fault and Comparative Negligence

    Mississippi is an at-fault state, which means an injured rollover crash victim will first look to the at-fault driver’s insurance to settle. Insurance companies will try to minimize losses and offer as little as possible.

    They also may try to pin some of the blame for the wreck on the injured party. Because Mississippi is a pure comparative negligence state, a victim can be found partly to blame for an accident and still collect compensation according to the percentage of blame assigned to the parties. A well-practiced car crash attorney from our firm is skilled at negotiating with insurance companies and unafraid to litigate after a rollover vehicle accident in Jackson.

    Product Liability

    Automobiles have been the subject of product liability lawsuits, including for rollover wrecks. For instance, the Ford Explorer and Firestone tire claims involved more than 200 deaths and 700 injuries plaintiffs blamed on the Explorer’s propensity to roll over, made worse by design flaws in the tires. Product liability claims involve manufacturing and design problems, and often the failure by the manufacturer to warn consumers about a dangerous condition.

    A Jackson Rollover Car Accident Attorney Could Help You Recover

    Rollover accidents usually leave victims badly injured and emotionally distraught because you don’t know where you will land as the car tumbles over itself. You may face a long recovery and miss work and the paycheck you need to care for your family. If a person or a product caused your crash, our determined auto accident attorneys could help you take legal action.

    The crash and your injuries may be based on negligence, or product liability if your car malfunctioned and caused the catastrophe. Our well-practiced legal professionals could identify defendants, negotiate with insurers, and fight in court to get the money you need. Call Reaves Law Firm, PLLC now to discuss rollover car accidents in Jackson with an accomplished lawyer.

    How Can We Help You?

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