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    Distracted driving of any form is hazardous and a significant cause of severe crashes countrywide. Any activity that takes the driver’s focus, attention, or eyes away from the road would fall under distracted driving.

    When a negligent driver causes a collision because they are operating a vehicle with distractions, you have the right to hold them financially accountable. Schedule a meeting with a hard-working auto collision attorney at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC to learn more about distracted driving car accidents in Jackson.

    Three Primary Types of Driving Distractions

    Distracted driving is more than the driver taking their eyes off the road. Most think of distracted driving as texting while driving or similar. However, according to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are three primary categories of distractions:

    Visual Distractions

    Visual distractions cause drivers to remove their eyes from the road in front of them. It includes reading or writing a text, changing the radio, or checking the navigation system.

    Manual Distractions

    Manual distractions cause the driver to remove their hands from the wheel. Some examples include eating, driving, changing the radio, or fixing makeup.

    Cognitive Distractions

    Cognitive distractions cause the driver to take their mind off of the road. It includes daydreaming or thinking of tasks they must do when they get home.

    Examples of Distracted Driving

    Any activity that takes the driver’s attention away from operating the vehicle is driving with distractions. Some examples of distracted driving include:

    • Texting or reading text messages while driving
    • Talking and laughing with passengers
    • Eating or drinking while driving
    • Applying makeup and grooming
    • Adjusting the radio or climate control
    • Driving without enough rest or while emotional or upset

    Proving the careless driver was operating the car with distractions is vital for recovering damages after an accident. A skilled legal professional could complete a thorough investigation and collect the evidence needed to prove liability. Speak with an experienced lawyer to take legal action after a distracted driving car crash in Jackson.

    State Laws Prohibit Drivers from Text Communication While Driving

    Smartphones and distracted driving continue to rise and cause significant traffic problems countrywide. Therefore, there are laws in place to prohibit drivers from typing, sending, or reading text messages while behind the wheel. According to Mississippi Code § 63-33-1, it is unlawful for drivers in Mississippi to read, write, or send text messages or emails while operating a motor vehicle.

    It is further illegal to read posts on social media or use hand-held mobile devices to read or communicate while driving. A negligent driver who causes a crash while texting will face traffic, criminal, and civil penalties. A Jackson attorney experienced with distracted driving auto collision cases could answer questions on traffic laws and regulations.

    Call a Jackson Attorney to Discuss Distracted Driving Car Accidents

    Many forms of negligent driving can lead to severe collisions and injuries. However, distracted driving is on the rise and among the most dangerous. When a reckless driver causes a crash because of distractions, civil laws could entitle you to collect compensation to cover the damages.

    Reach out to a lawyer seasoned with distracted driving car accidents in Jackson if you need help with a case. It is always best to start working on a claim as soon as possible after a wreck to ensure the evidence is still available. Call Reaves Law Firm, PLLC today to get started.

    How Can We Help You?

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