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    Nursing home abuse is the mistreatment of residents in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. This type of abuse is far too common throughout the country, leaving many with severe physical and psychological injuries.

    Deciding to relocate a loved one to a facility or nursing home is never a simple choice, and suspecting they are suffering abuse can have devastating consequences on your loved one and family. Schedule a meeting with a Bartlett nursing home abuse lawyer at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC for more information. A dedicated injury attorney could thoroughly investigate the nursing facility and collect the evidence needed to hold the negligent parties accountable.

    The Common Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

    Abuse occurs when nursing home employees and caregivers cause intentional or unintentional harm to residents. The mistreatment can lead to long-term trauma, physical injuries, and in the worst cases, death. Some of the warning signs and symptoms to watch for include the following:

    • Having unexplained broken bones, dislocations, or sprains.
    • Bedsores
    • Sudden, severe weight loss
    • Unexplained cuts, exposed lacerations, or excessive bruising
    • Bruises that indicate the resident was improperly restrained
    • Facial and dental injuries

    A determined Bartlett nursing home abuse attorney could help investigate the facility to determine if any type of mistreatment occurred.

    The Various Forms of Nursing Home Abuse

    There are many forms of nursing home abuse, and some of the more common include:

    Physical Abuse

    Physical abuse in nursing homes occurs when a facility employee or caregiver causes intentional bodily harm to a resident. It includes pushing, pinching, or improper use of physical restraints.

    Emotional or Psychological Abuse

    Emotional, mental, or psychological abuse occurs when a caregiver inflicts emotional pain or stress on a resident. The abuse may be verbal, such as yelling or putting them down, or nonverbal, such as intentionally ignoring a resident to cause them harm or psychological stress.


    Neglect involves providing inadequate care to the residents. Some examples include failing to provide essential daily necessities or leaving a resident with mobility issues in their bed for hours at a time.

    The Tennessee Healthcare Liability Act

    The disabled and elderly are highly vulnerable to abuse in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Therefore, the Tennessee Healthcare Liability Act is legislation in place to protect residents in the care of long-term care facilities and nursing homes. The Act requires that all care facilities have adequate staff to provide the needed care to residents.

    Tennessee legislation also sets the minimum standard of care and addresses the change of nursing home abuse from medical malpractice to healthcare liability. The Act requires that all nursing home and long-term care facility residents have certain rights, such as:

    • Live with dignity and free of abuse of any form
    • Freedom to participate in religious and social activities of their choosing
    • Participate in making decisions and understand their medical care plan
    • Manage their personal affairs
    • Keep personal belongs they choose in their private space
    • Share a room with their partner or spouse

    A knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyer in Bartlett could answer questions on resident rights and the state legislation in further detail during an initial consultation.

    Contact a Bartlett Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Immediately

    Suspecting a nursing home of the mistreatment of a loved one is always a challenging time, but it is vital to act quickly. Holding nursing homes accountable when you suspect abuse could not only provide compensation for the wrongdoing but also helps protect other residents in the future.

    There are standards that all long-term care facilities must meet at all times, or they face legal consequences, including civil and criminal penalties. Call a Bartlett nursing home abuse lawyer at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC today if you need help with your case.

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