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    Dogs can be a great provider of comfort and joy to their owners. They make people happy and can act as stress relievers during difficult times. However, dogs are still animals. They occasionally attack and bite people. Those bites can range in severity from minor nips to devastating wounds. A dog attack can leave people with painful emotional and physical scars.

    If a dog attacked you, you might be able to recover compensation from the dog’s owner or handler with the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. A Bartlett dog bite lawyer from Reaves Law Firm, PLLC could help you assess your legal options.

    Most Common Victims of Dog Bites

    When dogs attack adults, they most often suffer injuries to their legs or lower torsos. Adults can sometimes fend off an attack before it escalates. Sadly, children are some of the most frequent victims of severe dog attacks. Because of their small size, kids often suffer wounds to the face or neck. Unlike adults, children do not always know how to safely approach a dog. They might unknowingly provoke it by pulling on its ear or tail. They often stick their faces right up to a dog’s face. In addition, kids do not usually have the physical strength to get away from a biting dog, so the attack could last longer, resulting in more serious wounds.

    Because older people also have a harder time escaping a dog attack, their wounds can also be quite severe. Regardless of who has suffered the injury, a dedicated Bartlett dog bite attorney could help fight for justice.

    Common Injuries that Follow Bartlett Dog Attacks

    Domestic animal attacks can leave people with life-changing injuries. Survivors of dog bites often experience the following types of physical injuries:

    • Lacerations and deep cuts
    • Puncture wounds
    • Bruising
    • Scratches from a dog’s claws
    • Tearing
    • Bone fractures
    • Crush injuries
    • Head injuries

    Some dog bite survivors need to undergo extensive surgeries. Some people lose a limb or require a surgical amputation. Other people need reconstructive surgery, such as skin grafting or tissue expansion. Even after surgical reconstruction, many people have disfiguring scars. Survivors might need therapy to cope with their scars and address their newfound fear of dogs.

    A compassionate dog bite lawyer in Bartlett understands how traumatic dog attacks can be. They could work to ensure that a survivor gets the fair and comprehensive compensation they need to fully recover and move forward with their life.

    Dog Bite Laws in Bartlett

    Recovering compensation in a civil claim against a Bartlett dog owner is not simple, which is why it is crucial to retain the services of a seasoned attorney who understands the state laws and how they may impact your case.

    Strict Liability

    In some circumstances, Tennessee dog owners are strictly liable for injuries their pet canine inflicts, even if the dog has never shown any aggressive tendencies or bitten anyone. Strict liability applies if the animal attacks someone in a public place or someone who was lawfully in a private place. For instance, if a dog bites a person in a public park, the dog’s owner would likely be strictly liable for the cost of the person’s injuries. A trespasser could not recover damages, unless the trespasser was a child. In addition, if the injured person provoked the dog, the dog’s owner would likely not be strictly liable.

    One Bite Rule

    In some situations, Tennessee courts operate with a one-bite rule, which means if the owner knew or should have known that their dog could bite someone, they are liable. The injured claimant would need to demonstrate that the dog’s owner should have known of the dog’s aggressive tendencies, and yet they did nothing to prevent an attack from occurring.

    Tennessee’s laws can be confusing to interpret, which is why working with a well-practiced dog bite attorney in Bartlett is critical to achieving a positive case outcome.

    Call a Bartlett Dog Bite Attorney

    A dog bite can permanently change your life. You might bear permanent physical and emotional scars. If a dog attack scarred or injured you, you need to know that you have legal rights and options. You might be able to seek compensation from the dog’s owner or handler.

    Call a Bartlett dog bite lawyer at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC to learn more. They could help you make an informed decision about your future.

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