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    Even minor auto collisions can leave you feeling shaken and anxious. Significant accidents involving commercial trucks are often traumatic, leaving people with physical, psychological, and financial damages. Fortunately, you have the right to pursue compensation after a truck crash happens due to driver negligence.

    Because semi-truck accidents can be catastrophic, the trucking industry has insurance agents and attorneys ready to fight on their behalf. This makes it challenging to collect the total settlement you deserve. A hard-working Marshall County truck accident lawyer takes the tedious legal work off your hands and fights on your behalf. Reach out to our team to speak with a dedicated personal injury attorney today.

    Different Types of Commercial Truck Accidents

    At Reaves Law Firm, PLLC, our Marshall Country truck accident attorneys have helped thousands of victims bounce back from their injuries. Different types of commercial truck accidents we frequently investigate include:

    Jackknife Truck Accidents

    Jackknife truck accidents are often the result of improper braking, speeding, or erratic maneuvering. In this kind of collision, the truck driver loses control of the vehicle, and the trailer swings around towards the cab, forming a jackknife.

    Wide-Turn Truck Accidents

    Massive trucks, such as semis or 18-wheelers, need significant room when making turns. When truckers attempt to take sharp turns without signaling or giving others enough time to react, they may collide with other vehicles around them.

    Truck Rollovers

    Truck rollover accidents are responsible for the highest number of fatalities involving trucks and passenger car vehicles. Trucks have an elevated center of gravity, making them prone to rolling over. Improper loading or a driver error can quickly turn catastrophic if the truck rolls over on its side and there are other cars in the immediate area that get stuck underneath.

    The Most Common Truck Crash Causes in Marshall County

    Some of the most common truck crash causes in Marshall County include the following:

    • Trucker fatigue
    • Driver impairment
    • Third-party motorist negligence
    • Speeding and reckless maneuvers
    • Improper maintenance or vehicle defects
    • Switching lanes or attempting other driving actions without checking all blind spots

    A Marshall County truck accident attorney can dive deep to determine the cause of the accident and assign fault to the responsible party.

    Potential Damages for Truck Collisions

    Collisions involving commercial trucks and passenger car vehicles are often severe and costly. Therefore, the court may award a substantial settlement to cover the following:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional and mental distress
    • Lost pay for missing time from work
    • Permanent scarring and disfigurement
    • Lost benefits and future earning potential
    • Medical bills and the cost of ongoing healthcare

    After reviewing a case, an experienced attorney can answer specific questions about the civil court process and possible damage recovery.

    Truck Driver Hours of Service and Electronic Logging Devices

    The enormous size and weight of trucks makes them challenging to operate, even in the best of circumstances. Commercial truckers must always be alert and operate their vehicles safely and cautiously. State and federal laws strictly regulate the trucking industry and drivers, including the hours they are allowed to spend on the road at any given time.

    Mississippi traffic laws follow the federal commercial truck driver hours of service and electronic logging devices (ELD) statutes. According to the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), commercial trucks must have electronic logging devices to track the driver’s service hours. If the device has an issue, they must track their hours manually in a log book. The hours of service must be available for review if necessary. A truck crash attorney in Marshall County can investigate all applicable documentation and enter it as evidence in a personal injury case.

    Call a Marshall County Truck Accident Attorney for Guidance

    Massive truck crashes can be much more damaging than typical passenger vehicle accidents. Thus, state and federal Department of Transportation agencies highly regulate the trucking industry in an attempt to minimize the number of incidents.

    Truckers and the companies they work for are legally obligated to exercise reasonable care and avoid accidents that may cause harm to other motorists around the trucks on streets and highways. When you need help with a case, call a compassionate Marshall County truck accident lawyer from Reaves Law Firm, PLLC today. We are here for you.

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