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    Premises liability laws require property owners to use reasonable and appropriate care to keep visitors safe from harm. This duty of care includes inspecting and maintaining the property as well as warning guests of any problems in need of repair.

    When the person responsible for a property is negligent, and guests sustain injuries in an accident, the civil court could hold the owner financially accountable via a personal injury claim. Call a seasoned Marshall County premises liability lawyer from Reaves Law Firm, PLLC to schedule a consultation today. We are available to review your case and help you recover.

    Different Types of Premises Liability Lawsuits

    Premises liability laws cover a vast range of cases. All of them involve a property visitor sustaining injuries and losses because of property defects or other hazardous situations. Some common scenarios include:

    • Explosions or fires
    • Negligent security cases
    • Amusement park accidents
    • Swimming pool accidents
    • Inadequate premises maintenance
    • Slippery floor or trip and fall accidents

    A Marshall County premises liability attorney could answer questions about these different types of cases and legal options during a free consultation.

    Determining the Type of Visitor for Premises Liability Cases

    Premises liability statutes place property visitors in three primary categories, including the following:

    Invitees and Licensees

    Invitees legally enter properties upon the invitation or encouragement of the property owner. An example of invitees is customers entering a mall. Licensees are social guests. The person responsible for the premises owes both parties a legal duty to take reasonable and appropriate care to inspect, maintain, and fix property defects when needed. The landowner must also warn visitors of potential hazards pending repair.


    Trespassers enter a premises illegally and without the invitation or permission of the property possessor. Therefore, the landowner is not legally responsible for keeping the property safe for trespassers in most cases.

    An exception to this rule is an attractive nuisance doctrine involving young children. When features on the land—such as swimming pools—attract children, the landowner must ensure the property is secure to keep kids from entering and suffering harm. If they do not secure the property, they could be held liable for the damages.

    Consulting with a premises liability attorney in Marshall County could help you better understand the context of the accident you were involved in, as well as how the law applies to it.

    Property Owner Liability in Negligent Security Actions

    The Mississippi Landowners Protection Act states that specific elements must be present to establish liability for negligent security lawsuits. Negligent or inadequate security actions are premises liability claims involving visitors suffering harm in attacks or violent actions by a third party on commercial property. Premises liability laws provide property owners and managers with a legal and moral responsibility to keep visitors they invite to enter their property safe from foreseeable harm.

    Appropriate care includes taking extra security measures when there is an atmosphere of violence. According to the Mississippi Code Annotated § 11-1-66.1, the following is needed to prove that the landowner is at fault and liable for the damages:

    • The property possessor consciously consented to the third party’s violent actions, or
    • There were a minimum of three similar violent attacks or assaults on the property in the three years leading up to the cause of action, and the attacks led to third-party arrests for violent felonies

    A premises liability attorney in Marshall County could complete a thorough investigation and analyze the case. If there is enough evidence, they can prove liability and collect compensation from the negligent party.

    Schedule a Consultation With a Marshall County Premises Liability Attorney

    Civil laws and statutory rules motivate landowners to keep their property safe for guests. They also allow people to seek compensation from irresponsible property possessors if they sustain injuries because of negligence.

    While everyone has the legal right to hold liable parties financially accountable, the civil court process is often complicated, and there are many roadblocks to overcome to collect a settlement successfully. A hard-working Marshall County premises liability lawyer provides sound legal advice and advocates for a fair settlement amount. Contact us at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC today to get started.

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