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    Families place a lot of trust in caretakers at nursing homes. If that trust gets violated by abuse or neglect, the family might seek justice for their loved one by working with an experienced Memphis nursing home abuse lawyer.

    With help from an understanding and compassionate personal injury attorney, you could potentially recover financial compensation for the harm your loved one suffered.

    Understanding a nursing home’s legal duty of care and what you can do to hold them accountable could help you protect your loved one and others from negligent care facilities. Therefore, you should not hesitate to seek guidance from a reliable legal professional.

    Identifying Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

    Abuse that occurs in assisted living facilities can often go undetected for some time. Family members should look for signs of mistreatment in their elderly loved ones, such as bruises or cuts, a withdrawn or fearful demeanor, paranoia, lack of staff supervision, or complaints about incorrect medication or other issues.

    Sometimes staff workers might try to invalidate the resident’s claims of abuse, but visiting family members should do their due diligence to investigate any accusations. Not only could this help them protect their loved one from mistreatment, it could also prevent other residents from suffering similar neglect.

    Common Types of Abuse

    There are several different types of abuse nursing home residents could experience. These often include:

    • Physical
    • Mental or emotional
    • Sexual
    • Gross neglect
    • Financial exploitation
    • Improper medication administration

    Another reason to never dismiss a resident’s complaints about their treatment at an assisted living facility is that signs of mistreatment can be challenging to detect right away. This is why family members should remain vigilant and attentive when they visit their loved one. Families who suspect abuse should promptly remove their loved one from the nursing home and contact a Memphis attorney.

    How to Report Abuse in an Assisted Care Facility

    If someone has any suspicion that a nursing home resident is experiencing neglect or abuse, they have a legal obligation to report the alleged mistreatment right away. Working with a Memphis nursing home mistreatment lawyer could help ensure they file a report correctly and promptly.

    Plaintiffs can sue the individual who was neglectful or abusive, or they can sue the assisted living facility if they can prove that the facility knew about the misconduct and did nothing to stop it. A legal professional should advise on who to bring the suit against.

    Statute of Limitations

    In Memphis, a person will need to file an injury lawsuit within one year of detecting the nursing home abuse in order to qualify for compensation. Hiring an attorney sooner than later could help keep plaintiffs from missing the filing deadline.

    Speak with a Memphis Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Now

    If you witnessed abuse or have reason to believe your loved one is suffering abuse in a nursing home, you might have the right to bring a civil suit against the liable party. A reputable Memphis nursing home abuse lawyer could help you seek justice on behalf of the victim. Reach out to a professional at our firm and book a consultation today.

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