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    Child injury cases can be extremely difficult for parents and caregivers. The innocence and fragility of children makes their pain or suffering particularly devastating.

    However, holding another party responsible after they have injured your child may require the assistance of a Memphis child injury lawyer. Since children are minors who cannot adequately or legally represent their interests, it is often necessary for a parent to file a claim on their behalf. The compassionate personal injury attorneys at the Reaves Law Firm could help you seek compensation your family is owed.

    Common Childhood Injuries

    In many cases, children are at risk of the same sorts of injuries as any adult. However, due to their size, children are much more likely to suffer more severe injuries than adults in the same circumstances. For example, the risk of broken bones in a car accident exists for any person involved but is far more likely to catastrophically impact a child.

    Brain injuries, back trauma, and neck injuries are injuries commonly suffered by children in accidents. A traumatic injury to the brain or spine can cause a child to experience disability, impacting their learning, development, and long-term care.

    Rehabilitation may take years and require a significant financial investment. The same can be said if the child requires additional care and modifications to homes and or vehicles. If children are injured in an accident, it is essential to work with a Memphis attorney who factors in the long-term ramifications when seeking compensation.

    How Do Children Commonly get Injured?

    Dangers to a child can exist as early as their birth. A negligent doctor or nurse can cause significant injury during labor or delivery, impacting a child’s entire life. Injuries to the spinal cord or which can cause disability can be particularly devastating.

    Once a child is older and able to move, they are prone to many similar dangers as adults. Car and bus accidents, burn injuries, and defective products all present a risk to injury. Working with a Memphis attorney familiar with handling cases involving minors could be beneficial to ensure the long-term impact of the accident is taken into consideration.

    Compensation Available to Injured Minors

    Children who suffer injury to the negligence or recklessness of another party may obtain compensation for their injuries in much the same manner as an adult. Compensation for medical present and future medical expenses, the costs of rehabilitation, and the costs of prolonged care are all recoverable.

    Furthermore, the costs for long-term care necessary due to a child’s injuries are also available. Damages for specialized equipment, medical devices, and modifications to the home and vehicles can also be available, depending on the injuries and conditions of the case.

    The Playground Doctrine in Memphis

    Under Tennessee Code Annotated § 29-34-208, property owners are required to keep their premises safe where there is foreseeable harm to a trespassing child. The statute mentioned above is known locally as playground doctrine, but the primary example used to explain this law is an unfenced pool.

    While adults would know there is a risk for drowning, a child may not fully comprehend this risk. Predictably, a child might wander into an unsafe pool and drown or injure themselves. The same can be said of any unsafe condition which may foreseeably attract the attention of a child.

    Determining whether a dangerous condition can predictably lead to a child’s injury may be difficult. However, an experienced children’s injury attorney in Memphis could examine the conditions present at the time of injury and seek compensation from an irresponsible property owner when appropriate.

    Seek Help from a Memphis Child Injury Attorney

    The devastating nature of child injury cases makes obtaining the assistance of a Memphis child injury lawyer a prudent decision. Balancing work, an injured child, and civil litigation can be mentally and emotionally exhausting.

    Our experienced and compassionate attorneys at the Reaves Law Firm could fight on behalf of your child and seek compensation for the harm they have suffered. Contact our office today to discuss your claim.

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