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    Vespas and other motorized scooters are more compact than motorcycles, making it more challenging for other motorists to see riders in their periphery. An accident involving a much larger and heavier car could leave the operator with severe injuries and losses. When car, truck, or SUV drivers are backing up, switching lanes, or making any maneuvers, they may fail to see the scooter in their path.

    While commuting on a Vespa has its benefits, there are also additional risks that other drivers do not have to worry about. When a negligent motorist caused a crash and you sustained damages, you could be eligible for compensation. Schedule a meeting with a compassionate motorcycle attorney experienced with VESPA/motor scooter accidents in Memphis. We are here to provide the sound legal guidance you need.

    Causes of Vespa Accidents

    Motor scooter accidents involving other standard vehicles could leave the operator with severe or life-threatening injuries and property damage. Common causes of these wrecks include:

    • Impaired driving
    • Speeding or reckless driving
    • Sudden maneuvers without seeing a scooter in the vehicle’s blind spots
    • Failure to give the right-of-way or comply with other traffic regulations
    • Drivers making left-hand turns without noticing the scooter approaching
    • Distracted driving, such as focusing on passengers, using a smartphone, or texting

    All motorists on the roads and highways are legally obligated to use caution, comply with traffic laws, and prevent causing avoidable harm to others. When thoughtless actions cause an accident, civil laws allow the injured parties to seek compensation from the liable driver. A Memphis motor scooter crash attorney could investigate the cause and gather documentation and other evidence to establish liability in civil court.

    Motor Scooter Safety Rules

    Scooter operators have little to protect them when accidents occur, so it is crucial to follow safety rules to avoid harm.

    Riders must wear safety helmets while traveling on scooters at all times. The headgear must meet the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) minimum standards. Riders can verify this by checking the back of the helmet for a sticker with DOT-approval language. Traffic laws also prohibit Vespas from entering highways with speed limits higher than the scooter can travel.

    Registration and Minimum Insurance Coverage

    Traffic laws require that all moped drivers carry liability insurance and obtain vehicle title and registration. Further, operators must have a current and valid driver’s license.

    According to the Tennessee Department of Revenue, the minimum amount of liability insurance each Vespa operator must carry per accident includes:

    • A minimum of $25,000 for property damage
    • $25,000 for bodily harm and injuries leading to death
    • $50,000 for the total amount of injuries and death per collision

    While the law requires scooter operators to carry a minimum amount of coverage, additional coverage could ensure all damages are covered and be in their best interest. A lawyer seasoned in moped and Vespa crashes in Memphis could answer questions about the insurance requirements and other regulations during the consultation.

    Schedule a Consultation With a Memphis VESPA/Motor Scooter Accidents Attorney

    An accident with a much larger automobile has catastrophic consequences for motorized scooter operators. Those on Vespas, mopeds, or other forms of these vehicles can help keep themselves safe on the roadways by wearing the required safety gear and complying with safety rules and traffic laws.

    When another motorist causes a collision with your scooter, the law allows you to file a claim to seek compensation from the at-fault party. When you need help with a claim, contact Reaves Law Firm, PLLC. Because our hard-working team members are seasoned in VESPA/motor scooter accidents in Memphis, we could help you review your case and understand your options.

    How Can We Help You?

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