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    Motorcycle owners enjoy cruising as much as the weather allows. While riding a motorcycle is enjoyable and offers many benefits, it does have its risks. Motorcyclists can help keep themselves safe by completing regular maintenance on their bikes and following traffic safety rules and regulations. However, sometimes crashes occur because of hazards that are out of their hands, such as defective parts and equipment. In these cases, there could be cause for legal action based on manufacturer negligence and liability.

    When you suspect a faulty part has contributed to your crash, call Reaves Law Firm, PLLC. We could connect you with a motorcycle accident attorney qualified to handle cases involving motorcycle defects and recalls in Memphis.

    Types of Defective Parts and Equipment Cases

    Unfortunately, motorcycle part defects and recalls are commonplace in Memphis and across the United States. Bike component flaws, such as brakes, could cause them to malfunction, resulting in an accident with dire outcomes. When dangerous and defective parts cause a motorcyclist to sustain damages, there may be ways to take legal action and recover a settlement.

    The injured biker must establish that a faulty design, production, or warning label made the part unreasonably hazardous and caused the accident. Problems during production are the most common cause of civil lawsuits. This is when something goes wrong at the factory, causing poor construction. Design flaws, on the other hand, happen during the planning phase. Design problems affect the entire line of products and present inherent dangers for consumers who use them. Finally, failure to warn cases result from incomplete or inadequate warning labels or instructions for using the equipment.

    No matter which stage the error occurred in, the case must demonstrate that the business behind the dangerous product knew or should have known of the risks the flaw could pose to motorcyclists.

    Common Defective Motorcycle Part Recalls

    Common types of defective motorcycle part recalls in Memphis include:

    • Leaking fuel tanks
    • Defective handlebars
    • Tire and wheel defects
    • Malfunctioning engines
    • Defective brake systems
    • Cracked of flawed frames

    Manufacturer recalls of dangerous and defective motorcycle components are common, and not always because of accidents. However, having the issue repaired quickly and staying aware of recalls is the most effective way for riders to keep themselves safe on the roadways.

    How Can Bikers Search for Motorcycle Recalls?

    The law requires manufacturers to notify vehicle owners about recalls. When they are widespread, dangerous and defective products can even make the national news. There is also a website where bike owners can check regularly for updated lists of recalls. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides a database that identifies the parts and models of the motorcycle’s potential defect. There is also a brief description to provide information regarding:

    • Motorcycle brand, model, and year
    • Where to schedule a repair or replacement
    • How the manufacturer is correcting the problem
    • Events that prompted the producer to recall the parts
    • Whether there is a design, production, or failure to warn of a flaw

    A Memphis legal professional could answer specific questions about using the website for motorcycle defects and recalls. They could also review case details and outline options for recovering damages.

    Schedule To Meet With an Attorney About Memphis Motorcycle Defects and Recalls

    Motorcycle and parts manufacturers are legally obligated to complete thorough testing and ensure their products are safe for all consumers. When you are harmed because of their carelessness, you have every right to expect them to cover your losses.

    When defects lead to preventable accidents, the courts will hold manufacturers financially accountable—Reaves Law Firm, PLLC is here to help. You could be eligible for compensation if a part or equipment flaw caused you to sustain damages. To learn more, contact us and set up a meeting with a hard-working attorney who oversees cases of motorcycle defects and recalls in Memphis.

    How Can We Help You?

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