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    When motorists are distracted while operating their vehicles, they can cause severe injury and harm to others around them. Taking any attention away from driving increases the chances of a collision, even for a moment. Talking with a skilled automobile wreck attorney from Reaves Law Firm, PLLC, is wise so you understand all your available legal options after a wreck.

    When you were hurt in a distracted driving car accident in Memphis, you may be entitled to a monetary award. However, settling these claims can be challenging, even when there is little doubt about who is at fault. Our experienced attorneys are well-practiced in handling these claims and could help you maximize your financial recovery.

    Common Types of Distractions

    Many factors can distract a motorist in Memphis, which could lead to an auto collision. In the era of the cell phone, drivers have never had as many factors drawing their attention as they do now. Some of these issues might cause a person to look away from the road, while others might cause them to be mentally distracted.


    Drivers must always keep both hands on the wheel to maintain control of their vehicle. Unfortunately, many people cause accidents when they reach for the radio dial, groom themselves, or open a drink.


    These distractions take a person’s attention away from driving, even when their hands remain on the wheel and their eyes are forward. Often, this involves a person daydreaming to the point they are unaware of their surroundings. Being lost in conversation with a passenger can also qualify.


    Arguably the most common type of distraction, it can involve anything that draws a person’s line of sight away from the road. Given the speed at which cars travel, road conditions can change in an instant, leading to drivers striking a pedestrian or another motorist in front of them. Examples include reading an email or watching a video on a cell phone.

    What Is The Average Value Of A Settlement?

    It is understandable for anyone involved in a distracted driving car accident to wonder about the potential value of an injury claim in Memphis. While these cases are often resolved without a trial, the average amount of these settlements is not widely known.

    When two parties agree in a case, that outcome is usually confidential. This lack of public information regarding settlements makes it difficult to understand what a typical case may be worth. In reality, every case is unique. One solution is often to speak with an experienced attorney about an individual claim. While a diligent lawyer cannot promise a specific outcome or guarantee the case will settle, they could offer insight into the types of damages that may be available. A person might be able to recover the following:

    • Lost wages
    • Disfigurement
    • Mental anguish
    • Property damage
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Loss of consortium
    • Past and future medical costs

    Failure to operate a motor vehicle safely can lead to serious consequences, especially when the driver is distracted. However, recovering these damages could be possible by making a strong case for negligence.

    Consult a Memphis Attorney Regarding Your Distracted Driving Car Accident Today

    A few moments of inattentiveness is all it takes to cause an accident. When dealing with the aftermath of a distracted driving car accident in Memphis, it may benefit you to seek legal counsel from our attorneys at Reaves Law Firm, PLLC.

    We would happily discuss your available legal options during a free consultation. Call us today.

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