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    While swimming pools can be a great source of fun and enjoyable recreation, they can also be incredibly dangerous. The potential for slip and fall injuries, drowning, and various other forms of harm is substantial. This is especially true if a property owner is negligent in their care and maintenance of the pool. This and many other forms of negligence could result in significant injuries to you, your children, or other loved ones.

    For help understanding the legal factors in swimming pool accidents in Memphis, contact an experienced premises liability attorney at the Reaves Law Firm, PLLC. Our dedicated team of premises liability attorneys are prepared to review your case and discuss your legal options during an initial consultation.

    Common Swimming Pool Accidents

    Both children and adults are susceptible to harm in a swimming pool accident, many of which result in serious injuries or even death. Determining the cause of the accident is critical to any successful personal injury case. The injured party, with the help of their lawyer, must uncover what negligence was committed by the property owner and prove their misconduct in court. Common accidents that may occur in and around a pool include, but are not limited to:

    • Uncovered pool filters and mechanical components
    • No lifeguard
    • Broken pool ladders
    • Lack of safety fencing surrounding a pool
    • Dirty or contaminated water
    • Water with extremely high chlorine content
    • Shallow pools without a “no diving” sign
    • Slippery tiles without a “slippery when wet” warning

    These and other types of reckless or careless actions could be the direct cause of an injury. When this is the case, it is crucial that the injured party reach out to a seasoned attorney for help with their legal claim.

    Premises Liability and Swimming Pool Accidents

    When visiting a swimming pool that is on another person’s property—private or public—the level of legal protection afforded a visitor is based on their legal status while at the pool. This legal status is based primarily on whether the individual had permission to be on the property—whether implicit or explicit—and their reason for visiting the property. Below are a few examples:

    • Invitees: Invitees have permission to be on the property and are there for a jointly beneficial purpose for them and the property owner. This is most common for paid pools, hotel pools, and other areas where the pool owner gets a financial benefit.
    • Licensees: A licensee is most commonly a social visitor. For example, visiting a friend’s pool will likely make a person a licensee.
    • Trespassers: Trespassers are not allowed on the property and are owed almost no duty of care. It is unlikely they would be successful in a premises liability claim.

    These various legal statuses while visiting a pool can make a major difference in swimming pool injury cases in Memphis.

    Recoverable Damages in Swimming Pool Accident Cases

    An injured person could be entitled to monetary damages following a near drowning or slip and fall at someone else’s pool. Successfully proving the case may result in a comprehensive financial award for:

    • Medical costs and hospital bills
    • Lost income or earning capacity
    • Property damage
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of companionship and support
    • Wrongful death damages

    These and potentially other losses might be available after a successfully proven Memphis pool accident case. However, these claims are incredibly unique and require an attorney who fully understands the nuances associated with them.

    Speak with an Attorney About Memphis Swimming Pool Accident Cases

    Swimming pool accidents in Memphis may have caused you serious injuries. Slips on wet surfaces, defective pool equipment, and much more can alter your life in major ways. You may be dealing with physical pain, financial trouble, and much more.

    Let a confident and tenacious legal professional at the Reaves Law Firm, PLLC help you fight for your rights. Contact us today to learn more.

    How Can We Help You?

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