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The Real Women Who Built Reaves Law Firm

During the premiere of a popular TV drama, Reaves Law Firm launched a new artistic campaign that will be the first in a series dedicated to women.

In that video, women from past and present were shown breaking the boundaries that had been set before them, helping people in need, and making history.

These are women who not only keep the sanity in homes but who have been working hard throughout the centuries to build America as we know it today. From legal issues of the past, to the modern day female attorney, women have been making strides to further improve everything they touch despite all obstacles that would see them fail.

This is not just a dedication to women who sit in Congress or are Queens and presidents. This is for every woman who keeps the world going by supporting a family, a business, a church, a community. This is for strong women everywhere.

As Attorney Henry E. Reaves III has always gone above and beyond for the clients of Reaves Law Firm, so we must go the extra mile when honoring those who not only support the firm, but who helped make the firm what is it today.

So a couple of weeks later, the firm followed up with a delightful collection of clips featuring the “founding women” of the firm, fondly called “the Real Women of Reaves Law Firm.”

And that, they are. These women know all about risk and sacrifice. To leave steady jobs you love and are familiar with, is a lot to ask of anyone. There’s always a risk involved in starting a new business, but when women like Neva, Keshia, Hattie, Jamie, and Naomi believe in you, there is no way you can fail. In this piece, we honor that risk and that sacrifice and the unfailing dedication to making Reaves Law Firm one of the biggest law firms in Memphis, Tennessee.

There’s always a risk involved in starting a new business, but when strong women believe in you, there is no way you can fail.

The road has been hard, but it has been fruitful. The firm stands today because these women did not give up on creating Attorney Henry E. Reaves’ dream. That dream became their own and now it is reality.

There were hard days. Hard days will always come, but for every day that was hard, these founding women pushed through because the people who were injured and in need of legal assistance were depending on them, and so they conquered. Reaves Law Firm is here today because despite every challenge and hardship, our team never quit working to do what was right and necessary for our clients.

Reaves Law Firm honors the women whose contributions built the firm with this special video and a voiceover directly from the CEO, Attorney Henry E. Reaves III giving a brief overview of who these women are and their roles at the law office.

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