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Christmas Elves Bring Elf on a Shelf to Reaves Law Firm

It was several days before Christmas, on a Sunday night, when very mischievous elves came to bring delight. Like snow and like rain, the trouble makers swept through the offices of Reaves Law Firm with their party for two.

On Monday morning, Attorney Ted received a fright when he saw what the elves had done in the night.

Lil Henry and Lil Luke, they called themselves with pride, as the lawyers looked at their festive desks and sighed.

“Look at the mess we left behind! What naughty elves!”

They tsked and they laughed and they high-fived themselves.

After a very successful night of debauchery, they still weren’t done, so Lil Henry and Lil Luke went to the conference room for more holiday fun.

Do you think they interrupted the weekly leadership meeting? with their holiday bows, their chairs, and their greetings?

See how Lil Henry flies through the air with the greatest of ease?

We caught you little elves, stop your mischief, now freeze!

Oh dear, it seems that these elves cannot be stopped

although Human Resources may leave the door locked.

No lock formed against the servants of Santa shall prosper!

They will dance on the trees like the Christmas toppers.

I don’t believe our Negotiations team will be doing much work today.

With the mess from those busy elves in the way.

And just when everything was quiet, the elves start to sing,

“Let’s make our clients some money, Negotiations Team!”

The elves zip-tied their chairs and swiped all of their scissors and filled the desks with candy canes and snickers.

What master minds these elves must be to accomplish so much with no one to see.

Lil Henry and Luke know the Reaves Law Firm well and show up just when there is no one to tell

How can we ever thank such considerate elves?

For just when we thought they had outdone themselves, For their grand finale, the coup of all coups they took everyone’s chairs just to tell us farewell.

What a wonderful way to wrap up their visit to Reaves with everyone cursing those clever, little thieves.

What other holiday activities does Reaves Law Firm have in store for its unsuspecting staff? Find out on !

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